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Wir organisieren über das ganze Jahr Events und Veranstaltungen, um Lebensfreude zu teilen und neue Menschen kennenzulernen.

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Coming soon

Scratch of PEACE Retreat
This scratch is what is going to become reality soon...

This is going to be great! We just met some very interesting people and we will present you our new project very soon!

Nature, music, good vibes and awesome events in this new place in Sóller is what we are about to plan.


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Das wird umwerfend. Wir haben gerade neue Bekanntschaften gemacht und präsentieren euch in Kürze unsere neuen Projekte.

Natur, Musik, gute Stimmung und viele spannende Events werden gerade für euch geplant.

Mallorca und alle Besucher dürfen sich freuen!


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Wir hoffen euch bald in genau dieser Location begrüßen zu dürfen!

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Humans of Sóller: Bernd, Germany

Portrait Bernd, artist from Germany, standing on Repic beach in Port de Sóller
Bernd, Germany - artist

Bernd, Germany

"I do nature art. Being an artist is a full time job. You cannot simply sit down and create a masterpiece. It all starts with going out and finding interesting objects i can work with. When i see an old rotten tree, that has been washed up on the shore i get excited and have a clear picture in my head of what i will do with it.

As soon as i start working on it, everything changes. The clear picture that i had in the beginning is gone as i continue to look at my rotten driftwood tree. It's difficult to adapt my plans and let go of what i originally wanted to do with it. But after dozens of changes to it I'm happy with what i created. Everytime i finish a project i feel a deep satisfaction, which makes me realize I'm doing the right thing.
I quit my Job as a nurse, so i could do whatever i want. It was a very difficult decission, but eventually it made me happier and i feel free now. It's hard to explain but i feel like all the pressure, that has been put on me by my supervisors, made me sick. It's all gone now. Today i built a floating raft with my son. First we collected all the materials we needed and spread it out in the sun, then we talked about what we could do with it. After a few hours of working in the sun we finished the raft and of course it doesn't look like a raft anymore. We made so many changes to it, now it looks like a sailing boat; we love it. It makes me proud and happy at the same time to share all of this with my son and he recently told me he wants to be an inventor when he grows up. I think i am on the right track. This is my new life!"
Bernd, Germany

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Humans of Sóller is starting now

Timo D. in Reynes Cycling Café in Port de Sóller
Timo D., thesolidproject, founder: "Humans of Sóller"

Stories Worth telling...

Since i've started working in the bakery by the beach i've gotten to know many, very interesting people. So i had the idea of sharing some stories about the characters i get to meet every day. They are an inspiration to me and i hope you'll like what they have to say :)

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BBQ auf Mallorca

Meldet euch jetzt an, zu unseren "Organic BBQ" Events in Sóller. Lasst uns zusammen eine ausgelassene Zeit haben, bei regionalem mediterranem Essen, geselligem Ambiente und viel Spaß für Groß und Klein! 

Geführte Wandertouren

Mallorca ist ein Paradies für Wanderer! Der GR 221 ist ein Wanderweg lädt euch auf eine spannende Entdeckungsreise durch Mallorca ein. Wir haben die perfekte Route für dich und deine Freunde, von der "Light-Version" bis zum vollen Power-Programm ist alles dabei!


Du willst auf Mallorca eine entspannte Zeit verbingen, abseits vom Massentourismus? Natur und Menschen neu erleben? Dann kontaktiere uns - wir haben für dich genau das, was du suchst!

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